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"When's the book coming??"

Updated: Jul 20, 2022


Relationships. Music. Grief.


















Dedication. Fear. Anticipation.


Sorry for the ambiguity, friends! I realize that this isn't my typical blog nature or structure and I might have already lost about half of my readers by this point in this post, but I believed it was fitting to kick off a "yearly review" post with some of the words I've associated the year 2021 with! Especially since I created this website in April of 2021 in the first place! If you're still reading, I appreciate you!

Now, I recognize that many of them are not all happy-go-lucky styles/categories of words, I get that, but I'm not going to sugar coat these things with you guys. 2021, as it was for many of us, was hard as hell.

Some might even joke that it was the sequel to "2020", had it been a Hollywood screenplay.

Some moments of 2021 were indeed moments from a dream. The blessed smiles that felt like they'd never cease certainly crossed my face time and time again. Just as much, though, I'll admit there were those when a smile seemed more impossible than creating a damn time machine.

But what exactly happened?

From my personal experience (and just to make things simpler), I would deem 2021 as a year of emotion, in all of its shapes and sizes. The good and the bad, the laughter and the tears, the frustration and the gratitude. Here are some of a bit of both:

In 2021, I learned the intricacies of how to write a physical book and publish it to the world.

In 2021, I also learned the difficulties of the publishing industry and how cruel and selfish a human being can actually be if you refuse to stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

In 2021, I learned of the actual value of a physical moment in time and all if its truly precious and completely underrated nature.

In 2021, I also learned that no loved one lives forever and the absolute & utter importance of sharing each and every one of your thoughts and feelings with one another in present time.

In 2021, I learned the value of a true friend and everything that it entails to physically and mentally be at someone's side at all available times.

In 2021, I also learned that even the most independent friends need to be checked up on from time to time.

I started an idea of a small insignificant website in April 2021 and now look? I'm no New York Times Bestseller, but I've certainly been informed of how my words have helped others and that's all I ever wanted from the beginning.

And yes, my book didn't end up releasing in 2021. I know that.

However, I did write the book, organize the book, format the book, edit the book, recruit support and illustration for the book, market the book, etc...

Here's the thing, A Moment in Time is now a self-published project that will surely be released by the end of January. It is absolutely valid for you to mention that it was originally slated for an October release because it is (or was) the truth! And yes, I know I'm starting to sound like "the boy who cried wolf" but again, there's a reason for everything. Trust me on that.

And without getting too into detail over what exactly had been endured throughout this initial publishing process, let's just say that I now know how Taylor Swift feels with every album re-release.

Public art & Creativity are absolutely not (even a little bit) easy.


So here's a shoutout to all the people working on getting the word out on all of their new creative projects.

I truly look forward to what 2022 has to bring into my life and those friends & family around me. I'm excited to bring something into the world that it wouldn't have had without me having been in it. I'm anxious about the future too, but who isn't?

If we can take things day-by-day, anything is actually possible. I'm starting to actually believe that.

My plate in 2021 was so incredibly overfilled, as many of ours were. But we're still here, aren't we?

Because yes,

I most definitely had headaches, tears, and anxiety.

But you know what else I had?

Love, smiles, friendship, strength, perseverance, pride, the list goes on and on...

The point is, little by little, we can actually do whatever we think that we want to do.

2021 was the year that I learned to believe in myself and what I have to offer as a human being. It was the year that I felt gratitude for those around me and how many influences it takes to make one success. It was the year that I somehow felt someone's love after their physical presence had already left this earth. It was the year I learned the true value of a pure & genuine smile.

Heck, in 2021 I somehow spent WEEKS together with multiple friends who don't even live in Illinois or any of the surrounding states. I went to 20+ musical sets from various artists & bands, cherishing each and every experience to the fullest after such a long concert drought in 2020.

But best of all, I learned how to be myself and be truly proud of who I've become.

The good news? My new book's content has been done for months!

The bad news? I'm still learning how to do everything formatting-wise in my own hands rather than those of another.

So please, bear with me! It'll be better this way, trust me! (I also might be working on some future ideas in the meantime as well...hint, hint...)

So, here's a toast to all that 2022 has to offer for each and every one of us! There's still so so so much to look forward to.

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