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My Bucket List

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Hey guys! It's been quite awhile since my last post...

Okay, so it hasn't quite been 84 years, but almost a full month! That is most certainly not meeting my end goal, so hopefully I can get back on track, beginning with this post.

I will definitively admit that I have most struggled with developing new & exciting blog topics along the way. Still, I wouldn't say that that has been the main reason for my lack of posting since May 19. I've just been incredibly busy! But who hasn't? With the world finally reopening, I'm easily the busiest that I've been since 2019.

On top of finalizing book ideas & poetry pieces, I've been coaching high school water polo at my old stomping grounds, planning a few major vacations, working an absolute ton, creating endless Spotify playlists, and navigating a post-COVID world (yay!).

With those last two points, I made a bit of a slight discovery along the way. In the process of making more and more playlists, one tends to discover old songs. This was most definitely the case when I re-discovered the song "24 Floors" by The Maine.

Now, please, if you're having a happy-go-lucky day, I recommend not listening to this song any time soon! Long story short, it is a song about a lonely man who is 24 floors up in a hotel room and is debating what is to come next in his life. While this is quite depressing, I think it is an absolutely beautiful song in several magnificent ways. Particularly, I can feel the lyrics in the chorus reminiscent to a much darker time in life, one that I think we all tend to experience at some point or another:

"Take one more breath to clear your mind. Every moment's relevant, bittersweet and delicate, tomorrow may not come again."

This really speaks to my deepest core, in that every little moment in life truly is relevant...which leads me to the (more uplifting) subject of this blog post!

My Bucket List.

What are some things I am over-the-top desperate to do before my time comes?

Let's explore together...

Write a Book

Okay, this one was rather obvious. I started writing when I was 6 - 7 (Kindergarten) and have always wanted to write a book since I could remember. Although nearly all of my friends and family are endlessly excited for me and this continuing process, I cannot help but hear that annoying inner voice that we all endure from time to time. Still, I plan to keep pushing on past those doubts and insecurities to hopefully, still have the support of my loved ones after all is said and done.


Visit a Random Location

If you've ever seen Yes Man with Jim Carrey, I can tell you that you are absolutely correct in that that is most definitely where I got this idea from. Still, I think it's an exciting idea to hop on a plane or in a vehicle and end up somewhere completely random. With no agenda and no idea of where you'll end up anywhere on earth, I think this opportunity provides nothing but spontaneity, and therefore, happiness!

Recreate an Old Picture

I am fascinated by all things focused on history and reminiscing, particularly amongst friends and family. From learning about deep family origins and roots to hearing about what was happening on the other end of that legendary party years ago, discovering old unknown details will forever captivate me. With that being said, I think that the best and most notable pictures are typically taken among an unprompted and enjoyable environment. How cool would it be to recreate something like that?!

Partake in a Food Fight

I really have no idea how this bucket list item would ever come about in the real world. I also would never be the person to initialize the process, as I wouldn't want any malicious intent to be perceived on my end. I just want to be in a food fight! Maybe I'm wrong, but I think it would be the perfect balance of violence and humor! Although constantly portrayed on TV, the opportunity in real life is surprisingly rare. If you want to chuck a particular culinary item in my general direction, I promise I won't be furious with you in the slightest! I should warn you, though, to be prepared for the oncoming onslaught of retaliation that I've waited for my whole life...

Be on Stage with an Artist I Love

I think we've all dreamt about this at some point or another. We've seen the viral videos on various social media and pristinely imagined the eternal bliss we would feel in that exact scenario. The bountiful anticipation you feel at the moment that you're lost in the crowd and a lead singer/artist asks for "A Volunteer" as hundreds and thousands of hands swiftly soar into the air without hesitation. Seriously, how cool would this be?! Maybe if I go to enough concerts this will eventually's hoping!

Leave a 100% Tip for a Server

Making somebody's day is a source of limitless happiness for me, so this bucket list item will definitely happen at some point! I think that the initial face of shock and gratitude would be forever rewarding for the both of us. You can count on this one being crossed off sometime in the near future!

Buy the Best Seat in the House

We've all thought about what it might be like to be the high roller at some point in our lives. Wherever it might be, whether it be the front row at a blink-182 concert or the MLB World Series, everybody idolizes that person whose drinks are promptly delivered to them upon request, as they relax and enjoy themselves all night! Consider this one for your bucket list! Although I probably won't do it anytime soon, I plan to make it happen eventually, and so should you! You deserve it!

Visit Every MLB Stadium

For the non-baseball lovers, I'll spare you the details on this one. Basically, since my childhood, I've always wanted to see every Major League Baseball stadium, yet, I still have 25 or so to go. After all, I'm realizing that I'm struggling to remember a time in my existence when I haven't been a baseball fanatic, so how could I not?! The sport is practically ingrained in my DNA. So, maybe it's time to start traveling again?

Visit a Medium

While some people may not believe in this sort of thing, I find it utterly fascinating. Not to say that mediums are real or fake, but I would like to discover the answer for myself. I think many of us would love the opportunity to check up on our loved ones who've passed on to the next life, and maybe tell them a little about what's going on in our current lives. While this may be a complete fantasy of mine, I think it's worth a try at some point in time.

Make a Great Toast

I am very quickly snagging a reputation of fame for writing toasts & speeches for other people to publicly give, yet, I've never really presented one on my own. The time will certainly come one day, but as it does for many of you readers, it flat-out terrifies me! I am not known to gravitate towards the center of attention. Still, at some point, the moment will come and I'll try not to stutter too many times...I promise!

Attend a Cubs Playoff Game

Even if you're not a Cubs fan, or even a baseball fan, you still cannot deny the unbeatable atmosphere of a Cubs playoff game. There is a reason that some particular World Series tickets were over $500,000 for just one lonely seat! Even if I was offered a ticket in the 9th inning when the Cubs were down 20-0 in a 0-3 series, I would still have to say yes. How could you not? I'll tell you what, if you ever get this kind of phone call and don't want to head over to Wrigley, give me a call ASAP and I'll be there faster then you can say Sammy Sosa.

Record a Full Song

While this is one of the further-off bucket list items, I feel like I'm too much of a music geek to not include this one at all throughout my life. Although I've dabbled in EDM music production for an infinitely small fraction of time, I know how difficult it is to record any type of genre of song. I commend anybody who can say that they've crossed this item off of their bucket lists! It is far from anywhere near simple. If you know someone who's recorded even just one full song at some point in time, maybe consider buying them a drink next time you're out. They're most certainly a hard worker!

Recreate an Old Memory

As I said before, I love to reminisce on the good ol' days (maybe even to a fault from time to time). It fills my heart with continuous euphoria and I'll probably never get sick of it. With that being said, I think going out of my way to recreate an old memory would probably be one of the coolest things on this list. Whether it's a famous week-long vacation or a renowned all-day party, how cool would it be to relive the exact same story all over again, just once more?

Well, there you have it! I quite enjoyed making this list, I must say. I have never had a bucket list before, and this made me downright ecstatic for the future. What was the purpose of it, though?

What was that lyric again?

"Take one more breath to clear your mind. Every moment's relevant, bittersweet and delicate, tomorrow may not come again."

Although not a "Jump for Joy" happy song, it always seems to ring true.

Every single moment that you are on this Earth is a pure gift and sometimes we take it for nothing but granted.

To make a list like this shows me that even though there is an inevitable end for each of us, at some point, there's so much in this life to live for.

Try making yourself a bucket list and see how many items you can scratch off, especially now that the world is slowly returning to normal.

Every moment truly is relevant, bittersweet and delicate. Every smile means something, every inside joke lifts someone's spirits, and every second is an opportunity for happiness. Every minute is a blessing. So, stop reading this and go out there and experience life!

Until next time,

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