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Fun Fact Friday

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Hey faithful readers!

As promised, I've decided that after a rather deep most-recent post, I'm going to keep this one rather lighthearted!

I thought one way that I could continue practicing public vulnerability, while still maintaining a joyful feel, would be to give a Fun Fact Friday to my readers!

This will give you guys a chance to get to know me a little bit better.

No interest in that? Don't worry, I won't be offended in the slightest. Tune in next time!

For everyone else, let's reveal a few hidden details about me...

Well . . . Let's not waste any time and get right to it!

I think Purple Rain is the greatest song of all time

While you may not agree with this fun fact of mine, you cannot deny the absolute beauty and pure magic of this song front to back!

Although Purple Rain is not my favorite song of all time, I do believe that it was the greatest song ever written.

If you may have forgotten about the captivating lyrics and the enchanting guitar from Prince, you might want to remind yourself really quickly.

Go ahead and give this song another listen...although far from the happiest tune of all time, the story of this track is over-the-top hypnotic and just downright beautiful.

Go ahead and tell me that this man is not one of the most talented musicians of all time...go ahead...I dare you...

I am literally allergic to everything outside

I know that you may think that I am exaggerating with this one...I promise that I am sadly not.

When I received my most recent allergy test in October of 2020, my allergist (who has been successfully practicing since before I was even born) was miraculously stunned at the intense combination of reactions I was enduring instantaneously.

He proceeded to call in each of the nurses, both new and well-experienced, shouting sayings along the lines of "You've got to take a look at this, Wow!" or "Come see this right now!"

You know that if an accomplished and well-versed M.D. is shockingly spewing expressions like this about you, you must have amazed them in some emphatic way.

Needless to say, grass, trees, weeds, mold, ragweed, name it, I'm allergic to it!

My #2 MLB team is the Atlanta Braves

While most people know that I'm a die hard Cubs fan, I personally refuse to be a strict fan of only one team and not support the entire game of baseball in general.

My #2 team will always be the Atlanta Braves!

Whenever that next championship comes, I promise you I'll be screaming profusely at the action happening on screen. There is a long childhood story behind this fun fact, but I'll spare you of the details.

The moral of the story is that as long as the Braves are not playing the Cubs, let's go Braves!!

I am overly captivated by anything involving Kermit the Frog

What more can I say about this? I just love Kermit the Frog in any capacity.

I always have since I was a kid.

How could you not?! Just look at this guy!!

My parents have an entire language that I've never been able to decipher

In 26 years of being on this earth, I still have no idea what my parents are saying when they delve into their secret language. Neither does my younger sister!

Maybe one day...

I am insanely talented at Harry Potter trivia

(Nerd Alert!)

While my heart primarily sticks with Star Wars, Harry Potter is a very close second.

Since childhood, as many of us have, I've obsessed (perhaps a bit too much) over the books and movies and indeed, have often dreamt of my own letter to Hogwarts.

I'm proud to admit that I've never been defeated in a Harry Potter trivia, so we'll see if that streak can still continue after this blog post is released...

I learned my ABCs and 123s in Spanish before English

This one sometimes comes as a shock to people, especially because my Spanish has lacked consistent practice for several years now.

However, I did grow up in a Mexican household and, as they say, "practice makes perfect."

Somehow, there was actually a point in time where I spoke Spanish equally as well as English...maybe it's time to start practicing again?

I absolutely despise mushrooms

For all of my mushroom lovers out there, I apologize for this was nothing personal.

Although my taste buds have significantly become less picky over the years, the mushrooms still remain a no-no around me.

If your mushrooms ever randomly go missing, you can take solace in the fact that I can 100% guarantee I was not the one who stole them from you...

I have been broken up with twice with the same song playing in the background

How does something like this even happen?!

This is a favorite fun fact of a great many of my friends and family, and has even earned me a couple of spots on the local radio!

Without going into details, I've somehow been fortunate enough to have Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" playing in the background at the time of multiple relationships' endings.

Don't ask me how, but I cannot help but laugh at this one alongside my friends. Like, what are the chances?!

I was offered an internship at Disney World

This one sometimes surprises people, especially because it is not something I heavily advertised in the past.

At a different time in my life, I didn't find it to be the best idea to move to Florida and start a new life.

However, I did survive through a series of several interviews and earned myself the position!

Shortly after, I decided I was not going to go through with it. Still, I couldn't speak higher for my love for Disney and the entire experience in general.

I don't know how to whistle's true.

I do not, and have never, known how to whistle.

I'm sorry if I disappointed you, reader.

Sometimes, I'm able to do it by accident and I am overwhelmed with excitement!

When it happens, I feel the need to share with everyone around...until I realize that they've all known how to whistle for years and lifetimes.

Maybe one day somebody can give me whistling lessons...

Well, well, well . . . that was fun!

As promised, I hope you guys found this post to be more lighthearted than my most recent post! Got any cool new blog ideas? Send them my way!!

More to come soon, friends...

Until then...

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