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One More Try...

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Alright, let me give this "blog" idea one more try...

4.15.2021 and I'm making yet another introduction attempt at personal blog (approximately attempt number 47 or so).

This time, though, I'd really like to stick with it as best as possible. What better way to ensure my daily writing practices?

With that being said...what exactly should I be writing about?

My first initial thought was writing in general. After all, I'm supposed to be publishing my first poetry book in just a couple short months! Hopefully, soon after that, I'll be releasing a full novel! Do people actually enjoy reading about writing, though? With that being said, what about my other passions?

Everyone who knows anything about me knows of my extreme love for music and the role it’s played in my life and those around me! Sometimes my friends will even tell me that my adoration for spending ample free time creating Spotify playlists might be a legitimate psychological issue. Besides, who doesn't like talking about music?! Perhaps that would be an avenue I should pursue?

What about baseball? I do love to discuss baseball...and in the middle of the young season with MLB the Show 21 releasing in just a mere few days, the diamond is fresh on my mind.

Maybe my obsession with Science fiction? I'm pretty sure that I could discuss stories of Witches and Wizards, Jedi and Sith legends, Hobbits, and superheroes for days.

Maybe a mixture of all things? Past experiences? Exercise routines? New recipes? Traveling? This is so fresh in my mind that I am still juggling multiple ideas in circles all over the place.

Overall, I'm not quite sure where I want to take this just yet. I would honestly enjoy a mixture of all things that I love, however, will that attract readers? Although I'm not attempting to get rich off of this blog, or any of my writing for that matter, it might not be the greatest for my self-esteem to research my viewership in 6 months and see that I've only had one blog view (...and it was me). But, as I like to say, "If it's meant to be, it'll be."

What would you enjoy reading about, readers?

That luxurious vacation where I saw all the sights I could hope to see? Or what about the tunes I've been obsessing over most recently? Maybe you're an old friend and want to reminisce on that old college beach party with 12 tons of hot basement sand? (Yes, that really happened.) Or you're just browsing through your phone and looking for a way to pass the time and you couldn't care less?

Whatever it might be, I appreciate you for being here.

Thanks for tuning in!

More to come soon!


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