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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

I've got a question for you, reader.

Picture this...

A genie will grant you 3 entire all-inclusive wishes if you complete one simple task.

"Well...what's the task...?" you'd probably ask in slight and/or skeptical hesitation.

This genie meticulously describes his wish-granting process and a requirement of 110% cooperation in learning every intricacy of the ins & outs of what particularly makes you tick as a human being.

He wants to know what you bring to the world.

Your characteristics.

Your mannerisms.

Your individuality.

"These perspectives can only candidly be discovered through one question," says the Genie.

You could take the chance and greedily skip this portion straightaway to your wishes, but he wouldn't advise it (there's apparent potential risk of enduring nerve-racking Marvel-esque multiverse shenanigans somewhere along the way, according to him).

So, he'll need an "anthem" that defines every essence of you, in order to properly grant these limitless wishes, whilst it echoes through specialty vibrant "genie speakers".

Which tune does that happen to be, though? Which instinctively comes to mind?

"In order to correctly determine one's particular anthem, one must be subject to an uncomplicated, yet complex sole rule for the next 30 days," the genie says.

"You will be restricted to one single song (of your choosing) for the entirety of the next month's time."

Do that...and the world is suddenly your unlimited oyster 🌎

Any wish is yours for the taking 💪🏼

And with that, I ask you, reader...

Which song feels like it's a part of your DNA? 🤔

Which distinct notes and chords are essentially foundational to your personality? only get one! 💭

To make things easier, I'll go first 👇🏼

Friends & family could've likely guessed this without thinking twice (and probably chuckled while reading) as they've been subject to listening to "Where'd U Go" against their will thousands of times.

But that's because it genuinely feels like a part of my DNA.

I'm not sure who I'd be if this song didn't exist.

Dramatic? Perhaps. But not to me!

To put in other words, it reminds me of myself.

Does that make sense?

Let's switch gears and dive into you for a second now, reader.

Which tune reminded you that you could get through anything?

No matter what life threw at you, it showed you that...

...everything is temporary

...things eventually work themselves out connected you to your past, present, and future

Which melody simultaneously showcases your highest highs and lowest lows in (roughly) 2-3 minutes?

It's the song that makes you do this when someone adjusts the volume 👇🏼

It's at the heart of your personality that you can listen to on a gloomy night alone as often as a lively night out with loved ones 🎵

Stuck in distress, this tune builds a recognizable resilient sense of joy that you never seem to get enough of.

One that makes you physically unable to sit still!

Whether tapping your toes or clapping your hands, it brings this smile to your face 👇🏼

And if someone plays it on aux, they're your new favorite person 👇🏼

"Why is this important?" you might be asking.

Well to answer that, science has proven that singing and/or dancing along to your favorite music (regardless of your talents as a singer or dancer) releases endorphins and lowers your blood pressure 👍🏼

Believe me, I'm no doctor (nor will I ever be).

But I do know that singing and dancing require a certain rhythmic breathing (and if singing, a particular activation of one's vocal cords) that feels like an impactful hack to happiness!

Plus it's an intriguing insight to one's individual vulnerability 😎

Who wouldn't want to discuss that?!

Oh, right! Back to the Genie!

What's it gonna be?!

"To that song that fills one's being with unrivaled lightheartedness above all others, despite any stressors of the world," the Genie states.

"Your Chosen Anthem must definitively press pause on all irritants, headaches, and inconveniences for the upcoming 30 days. Please use caution and choose wisely."

And with that, I leave you to ponder...

Though, I'd ❤️ you for sharing your final answer in the comments!

Which song did you choose? 😎

Next time you're stressed before a speech, presentation, date, interview, etc. which tune will catapult you through it?! 👊🏼

I hope you like it (since it's all you can listen to for 30 days!)

Until next time, click below to see some daily content I've been working on recently 🙂

Talk to you soon, readers 😊

Oh and P.S.

A Moment in Time: The 2nd Edition is now available 😁

Have yourself an incredible day!! ☀️

Thank you for following along 😌

Til' next time...

❤️ 🧡 💙 💚 💜

❤️ 🧡 💙 💚 💜


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